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Nested Extensions to Python dictionaries


This module provides extensions to dicts in the python standard library, providing fast and clean manipulation of nested dictionary structures. This module exposes two new dict-types:

  • NestedDict/ndict: A light-weight wrapper for dict s that provides additional functionality for operations on nested dictionary structures.
  • StructuredNestedDict/sndict: A heavy-weight data dict -based structure for operating on hierarchical data with rich functionality for filtering and transformation across nested levels.

Both implementations are use OrderedDict s under the hood.

No additional dependencies are required.


  • NestedDict/ndict:
    • Iterating over flattened keys and values
    • Nested getting/setting operations
    • Applicable to dictionaries of arbitrary and unbalanced depth
  • StructuredNestedDict/sndict:
    • flatten/stratify/rearrange methods allow for powerful and rich operations across different levels of hierarchy
    • Nested getting/setting operations, including intelligent filtering via ix
    • Convenient data inspection via dim, unique_keys, etc